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Value Add Partners Inc. is an innovative and progressive investment company that operates Nationwide. We partner up with like-minded real estate investors  and provide solutions that will help you reduce costs and achieve maximum market returns for our real estate investment partners.


  • Value Add Partners, Inc. Operates nationwide to ensure you have a trusted partner wherever you invest.
  • Our professional team has the experience and expertise on repositioning properties to maximize our partners returns on investment.
  • We have direct to manufacture relationships to maximize our buying power and have built trusted contractor relationships throughout the entire United States.
  • Our philosophy is to always operate with full transparency. Our partners always have full access to the ongoing repositioning progress in real time, financial reporting, and ongoing property performance.
  • We create a win-win opportunity for all partners involved. Our investor partners always come first. We don’t eat until you do!
  • We love what we do.


Investment Management

At Value Add Partners Inc., we know that the returns on an investment depend on how well it is managed by Real Estate Investment Partners .
Our professional team will handle everything from evaluation, due diligence/acquisition, construction phase, property management implementation, maintenance systems and asset management.


We will perform a simple evaluation to see if the asset warrants further underwriting. After a deeper dive into the specifics of the property, we will make a determination on whether or not to proceed with a Non-Binding letter of intent.

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Construction Phase

Our construction team is our secret weapon.  Having walked the property, Value Add Partners will develop a construction budget and schedule. We will implement this plan using our traveling crews and national trade partners that operate throughout the United States.  Along with our buying power and massive attack on this asset, we will bring units online in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to increase the asset value and cash flow quickly and efficiently.

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Maintenance Systems

Our property maintenance teams primary role is to protect the asset and to provide our tenants a safe place to live and play. We implement a web-based system that tracks tenants service requests and completion of the work required.  It will also keep critical records of major cap ex improvements and provide preventive maintenance schedules for major equipment. Proper ongoing maintenance is key to ensuring proper asset performance for years to come.

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Due Diligence/Acquisition

Upon acceptance and signed LOI, Value Add will proceed to finalizing a purchase agreement drafted by our legal team.  Once contract is accepted by all parties, we will proceed with due diligence.  Due diligence includes but not limited to a physical walk of the property and all units, a review of all financial documentation and leases, and meeting with local city officials to include their input on tax savings, permitting and our proposed business plan.

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Property Management Implementation

With extensive interviewing and vetting, Value Add Partners will ensure the correct management team is in place to maximize performance. Each asset will have a specific management company uniquely qualified for that specific region and will adhere to all state and local regulations.

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Asset Management

Value Add Partners will conduct on going Asset management to ensure all properties are properly maintained to our strict standards. We will oversee and verify that property managers are continually operating at the highest level. Value Add conducts meetings with our management and maintenance team to review service requests, unit turns, inventory, staffing levels and KPI’s on a weekly basis. In addition, conducting monthly onsite visits and interviewing random tenants to confirm overall satisfaction with their rental experience.

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With extensive experience, our asset managers have what it takes to make sound investment decisions. We will research and analyze every investment opportunity so you never miss a chance.
Whether you want a standard investment option or alternative Real Estate Investment Partners , we get you the best option.

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Asset due diligence can definitely make or break a good investment in purchasing multi family. We at Value Add Partners understand the importance of a good due diligence process. With our extensive construction background, we feel our approach and understanding of building construction and management concepts can uncover issues that some individuals may overlook. Every property is different and has its own life cycle. That’s why we feel having a systematic approach to the diligence is so important in determining whether the Real Estate Investment Partners is a viable asset or something that should be passed on.
During the due diligence, we assess but not limited to:
Analyze current operations
Interior inspections of all units
Complete all exterior and roof inspections
Cap Ex budgets and availability
Service contracts
Market survey
Understand potential upside advantages
Budgetary value add and stabilization costs

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Throughout the construction phase, the management experts at Value Add Partners Inc. will represent you and your interests. We’ll help in the procurement process, handle the negotiations with the developer, and offer advice on legal proceedings.
Here are some of the tasks that our construction management experts will handle:
• Permits, Bonding & Insurance
• Equipment Procurement
• Quality Control
• Safety
• Construction Supervision
• Drawings Review
• Master Scheduling
• Investigation of Existing Conditions
• Financial Status Report
• Cost Control
• Organizing the investor’s meeting with subcontractors
• inspection
• And More
To schedule an appointment with our construction management team, give us a call today. And as always, we guarantee efficient services that will exceed the expectations of the residents.

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Some companies think it is easy to search for a property but if you consider the entire acquisition process, this is not enough.
The truth is, not every available property is being marketed. There are numerous interesting properties usually referred to as ‘off market’.
This is where the property acquisition experts at Value Add Partners Inc. come in… We will take time to understand your property requirements and business needs so we can get the right property.
For more information about our property acquisition services, get in touch with us today.

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